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Ease your mind and thrive in a clean and sanitized home.

Let's face it: we're all busy people. It's a part of being human. And even if we have some time when we're not busy, we don't want to spend it cleaning the house. Enjoy more you time - whether it's Netflix-and-chillin',  spending quality time with the kids or just enjoying a hot bath. We'll handle the cleaning!

Moving Boxes


Making your move easier for you & your family.

Moving is stressful! Whether you're in the beginning stages of putting your home on the market, packing up your things or settling into your new home, we're here to clean so that you can focus on your move!

Folded Towels


Or as we like to call it .. a Chore Fairy!

Enjoy our laundry & light cleaning service in between your recurring appointments OR on its own! You will be assigned a cleaner (a Chore Fairy) who will prioritize laundry & tidying (washing and folding in your home), while performing some light cleaning tasks with any extra time available.

office space


Offices, retail stores, pet grooming studios, salons & other work spaces - you name it!

Having a clean, organized work space is vital to the success of your business. And now - more than ever - it is important to keep yourself and your staff safe in a sanitary work place! Let us help you thrive in a consistently cleaned and maintained place of business!

Carpet Clean001.jpg



Making carpets, couches & chairs look brand new!

Our state-of-the-art shampooing machine restores carpets, area rugs to their original glory! This service is highly recommended for pet owners and anyone who has high-traffic areas in their home or place of business. And to be frank, a loooot of butts touch your recliners, sofas and sectionals, so a good ol' cleaning is necessary from time to time!



Don't let your allergies get the better of you this season!

Our  window washing services include interior glass, first-floor exterior glass, window tracks and even the screens! We also include upper-floor exterior glass if the windows flip inward. This service is perfect for anyone who just can't stand the pollen in their home & the fingerprints on the windows!

Well Organized Closet


Clear your space & clear your mind!

Whether you just have to much stuff in your office or you need to clear out your kids' toys in the playroom, we can help you minimize any space. We can help you find storage solutions for your pantry, fold clothes so that they properly fit in your closet, declutter homes, or minimize belongings.

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