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Cleaning Time


Sick of having to fold your laundry, do your dishes & tidy up after the kids? This is the perfect service for you!

Our laundry & light housekeeping services are the perfect addition between your recurring cleanings. They also work super well on their own! In a nutshell, you are assigned a housekeeper who will prioritize laundry and tackle some light cleaning tasks if time permits. Some other things they can do are wash the dishes, unload the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, tidy up the playroom, and so much more. These services are billed hourly (we require a two-hour minimum), but you can set a budget beyond that. We will cap the service in accordance with your budget!


Contact us for some pricing options! Though this service is billed hourly, you can set a budget & cap your visits to stay within that budget.


Pick how often you'd like your service! We offer daily, weekly & biweekly options. We will get you started on our schedule as soon as you'd like.


Check off your to-do list without really "doing" anything! Kick your feet up, turn on Netflix and relax - the chores are finally done!

Image by Dan Gold

What a

can do

chore fairy

Wash, dry & fold laundry in accordance with your instructions

Sort laundry to the best of the technician's knowledge of the home

A quick wipe of the kitchen counters

Sweep the the floors

Wash the dishes or load the dishwasher

Wipe down the front door or other surfaces

And more!

Available in between maintenance cleanings OR as its own service! Request a free quote today!

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