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Join now & receive

35% off

recurring cleanings!

What is this Flex Program?

You have been asked to be a part of this program to receive significantly discounted cleanings (35% off!) in exchange for your feedback on our employees’ work and for flexibility with scheduling. 

Here is how it works: our flex schedule clients help us to fill gaps in our schedule. Our employees don’t go without work and you get an amazing deal on top quality cleaning service. 

As a flex program client, this is what we need from you:
•    Consistent & frequent feedback on all crew members servicing your home
•    Reviews on Facebook, Google and any other requested website(s)
•    A weekly or biweekly cleaning commitment
•    A flexible schedule & willingness to accommodate last-minute schedule changes


A full schedule makes for a happy employee. Happy employees make for happy clients, so we hope you see our flex program like we do – as a win-win!


Why 35% off?

As we are ever-growing and ever-hiring, we have both new and seasoned cleaning technicians who may have sudden gaps in their schedules due to a last-minute cancellation or lack of work.. Therefore, Flex clients fill those gaps in the schedule and also allow new team members to get some hands-on practice after our intense training program. In exchange for this high discount, we ask that you provide us with thorough feedback and, if anything is missed, you allow the tech to come back and fix any errors. This allows us to reinforce their training and techniques. We also ask that you spread the word about us to your friends, family and neighbors on social media, as well as remain flexible with your schedule.

What do you mean by flexible scheduling?

Since we always need to keep our schedules full, we may occasionally have you move your visit to a different time or day. On rare occasions, we may need to skip the visit altogether (if, for example, a technician calls out or there is inclement weather). These instances don't happen often, but flexibility still remains a requirement for our Flex Program (hence the clever name)!

Am I a good fit?

✅ Do you care about what day or time you're scheduled for? (Although it won't happen often, you'll need to be willing to accommodate last-minute schedule changes)

✅ Are you a laid-back, easy-going and gracious person who understands that the best way to teach is through hands-on experience?

✅ Do you mind having different cleaning technicians service your home? Although we do assign one technician to clean your home, we may occasionally send a newer employee. But don't worry - all employees go through a very intensive training program, and we only hire the best of the best, so your house will always be clean!

✅ Are you willing to communicate with management thoroughly and with honest feedback?

✅ Do you love bragging about small businesses to your fiends and family? We'd absolutely love it if you'd share our posts, leave those five-star reviews on Google and Facebook, and brag about us on social media so that your family & friends can join the Chores & More fam! (Just don’t tell them about your discount … otherwise we can’t grow 😂)

If you answered yes to all of the above … then you'd be an amazing fit!

Do I need to sign a contract?

Nope! Although you will be required to sign our terms of service & nonsolicit agreements (which are required from all clients), you can opt out of this program at any time. If you feel you are not a good fit, we'd be more than happy to put you on the schedule as a “full pay” client, with prioritized cleaning scheduling and tech assignments for every visit.

Furthermore, Chores & More can choose to end your enrollment in the Flex Program at any time, for any reason. Normal enrollment in our flex program lasts between 12 & 36 months.

I need this in my life! How do I sign up?

Simply reply back to our invitation email (from which you received this link) and let us know that you're interested. We will then send you an updated estimate with your discounted flex pricing and agreements to sign!

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