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It's Time to Spring Forward!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Hey, hi, hello!

First of all, I'm in literal shock that Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday! Don't forget to set your clocks an hour forward. And get ready for longer days, warmth and sunshine, and the smell of fresh-cut flowers wherever you go!

Here on Long Island, it's been a pretty mild winter, but I'm still super excited for spring & summer. I just want endless days at the poolside with frozen pina coladas and that burning sensation on my skin. Weird? Probably. It's fine.

That all being said, it's time to start thinking about your spring cleaning. Of course, we're here to help you every step of the way, but maybe you'd like to get a head start. I am going to tell you what I'll be doing to get my home cleaned for spring - maybe you'll draw some inspiration!

First thing I'm going to do is stock up on my favorite supplies. I've got my favorite microfiber rags from Amazon and my SpongeDaddy sponges, and I'll definitely want some Clorox Scentiva because that ish smells amazing. You can find some of my favorite cleaners and tools on my Amazon Storefront!

You then want to set a schedule. I'm definitely going to mock one up (but it'll have to be for another day because it's been hectic behind the scenes here). What day(s) will you dedicate to this project? A spring cleaning is no quick and simple thing. It takes time and patience and focus. Having your goals and a schedule written down will help you stay on track!

Some things I will be doing are:

  • Deep cleaning my bathroom. Scrubbing my floor grout, wiping walls, cleaning the moldings and doors, washing everything - the whole nine!

  • Cleaning out my linen closet. It's like .. not even a linen closet anymore. It's a junk closet. You ever see the cartoons where someone opens a closet and alllll the things just fall out and completely cover them? That's basically my situation. Definitely the top of my priority list.

  • Deep cleaning my hutch and the walls in my kitchen. I'll also be painting my hutch, but it's a good excuse to take everything off and clean it real good. I also have some splatter marks on my walls and backsplash that need to be tended to.

  • Cleaning out my garage. Because it's a literal disaster. :D

So, figure out what you want to do and schedule those tasks into your days. I recommend doing everything within the span of a few days or a week so that it doesn't fall to the wayside.

Once all the deep cleaning is done, schedule regular maintenance cleanings with a professional *cough cough* like Chores & More. A cleaning service will help maintain and preserve all of the hard work you did! I also find that having a cleaning service motivates me to keep on top of the other chores in my home, so nothing tends to get out of control.

I will be back next week with a deeper dive into spring cleaning - a mock schedule and some tasks you might want to prioritize! So make sure you check back!

Until then, I hope this was helpful! What tasks will you be adding to your spring cleaning calendar? Let me know in the comments. ♥

xo, Holly

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